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Thank you so much for wanting to help with Queer Romance Month – we honestly couldn’t do this without you.

Are you queer, queer-aligned, queer-writing, queer-supporting? It doesn’t matter, we want you. This is a celebration of queerness, allyship, and love.

Are you a writer? Please, write for us. We’re hosting posts on theme of ‘We All Need Stories’ throughout October. Are you not a writer, but you have something you want to say on that theme? Wonderful. Write for us as well.

Are you a blogger? Please support what we’re doing: talk about us, talk to us, blog about us, display our badge. Join the conversation and the celebration.

Are you a reader? Please talk with us and about us,  and come back and visit us often. We’ll have new content available every day in October.

Do you have ideas about how we make this bigger, make this better, reach more people? Please let us know. All suggestions gratefully received.

Things for everybody: keep talking, tweeting, Facebooking, interacting, spreading the word. And if you want to do actual things like, for example, organising images, uploading posts and other such activities then … yes, we want you, we’ll love you.

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