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Supporting Posts

KJ Charles at Random House with “Love is Still Love”

KJ Charles at The Mary Sue with “The Value of Reading What You Like & Being Who You Are”

The QRM organisers at Heroes & Heartbreakers recommending some of their favorite queer romances.

Elisabeth Blackwell at Duke Duke Goose: this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down.

Ami at Out of My head: Why Queer Stories Matter To Me.

Sadie Forsythe at her blog: In which I planned to Pimp Queer Romance Month but Performed a Self Examination Instead.

Harper Fox at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog with “7 Questions with Harper Fox”
Alexis Hall at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog with a post about why Queer Romance Month was created.
Santino Hassell at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog with an interview about Stygian.
Andi Marquette at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog with an interview about The Secret of Sleepy Hollow.

Suzanne Brockman at Huffington Post with “October is Queer Romance Month”
Cecilia Tan at Huffington Post with “Why I Write Bisexual Romance”
Alexis Hall at Huffington Post with “I Got Married Because of the Water Bill”
Sandy Lowe at Huffington Post with “Crazy Dreams”
Santino Hassell at Huffington Post with NYC to TX, and Back in the Closet.

Santino Hassell, Amy Jo Cousins & Megan Erickson at All About Romance discussing queer NA romances.
Joanna Chambers, Alex Beecroft and KJ Charles at All About Romance discussing queer historical romances.
Alexis Hall, Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling, Astrid Amara and Langley Hyde at All About Romance discussing queer fantasy.
Alexis Hall, Roan Parrish, EE Ottoman and Santino Hassell at All About Romance discussing where romance is going.

Beverly and Ulysses at Prism with a QRM week one roundup.
Beverly and Ulysses with Santino Hassell at Prism with a QRM week two roundup.
Beverly and Ulysses with Amy Jo Cousins at Prism with a QRM week three roundup.
Beverly and Ulysses with Kat Fantastico at Prism with a QRM week four roundup.
Beverly and Ulysses at Prism with a QRM final week roundup.

Massive thanks to all the folks who posted “What is Queer Romance Month?” and otherwise supported QRM: Adrik KempA Life Among the Pages, Aperture AudienceBinge on Books, Booknista, Books, Coffee & Captured MomentsBoys in Our Books, Dirty Laundry Review, Diverse Reader, Ellie Reads Fiction, Gay YAJessewave, Literary Gossip, Love Reading Romance, Mama’s Dirty Little Reads, Oops I Read a Book Again, Romance Novels for FeministsSinfully Addicted to All Male Romance, SlateThe Book Queen’s Book Palace, The Day Before You Came, The Mary Sue, The Novel Approach, and Tryst Books, as well as a hat tip to Slate for a mention in their article about LGBTQ romance.

And of course our lovely authors, who kicked us off right: Keira AndrewsAmy Jo Cousins, J.R. GrayGinn Hale, Kelly HaworthAllan JaySelina Kray, J.C. Lillis, Kris Ripper, and Ann Zabo.

Author Interviews & Extras

Tiffany Reisz Q&A at Smexy Books

Dahlia Adler Q&A at A Book and a Latte

KJ Charles Q&A at A Life Among the Pages

Ginn Hale reads an excerpt of Servant of Shadow at Binge on Books

Amy Jo Cousins Q&A at Booknista

Astrid Amara reads an excerpt from Crash Plus Expenses at Boys in Our Books

J.R. Gray Q&A at Dirty Laundry Review

Kelly Haworth reads an excerpt from Y Negative at Diverse Reader

C.S. Poe reads an excerpt from Snow & White: the Mystery of Nevermore at Duke Duke Goose

Kris Ripper reads an excerpt from Catalysts: the Scientific Method at Inglorious Bitches

Roan Parrish Q&A at Jessewave

Roan Parrish reads an excerpt from In the Middle of Somewhere at JoyousReads

Rose Lerner reads an excerpt from A Lily Among Thorns at Love Reading Romance

Kris Ripper Q&A at Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance

Alexis Hall reads an excerpt from Pansies at Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance

Keira Andrews Q&A at The Book Queen’s Palace

Allan Jay Q&A at The Day Before You Came

Santino Hassell at Mama’s Dirty Little Reads

Jenny Haddon at Literary Gossip

Nicole Kimberling at Love Bytes

Cecil Wilde at The Book Queen’s Book Palace

Megan Frampton at Everafter Romance

Sheri Lewis Wohl at Everafter Romance

Jenn Burke Q&A at Ellie Reads Fiction

Kirby Crow Q&A at Diverse Reader