Queer Romance Month 2015


The Equality of Differences by Ais Lin

I have spent most of my life feeling like an alien on Earth. The main reason for this is because it has often felt like, at every step of the way, I was different than what society expected. My earliest memory is of being at recess in...

the poet

Invisible Friends by Cecilia Tan

When I was a child my parents used to say I had “invisible friends” because I was often lost in some make-believe world of my own creation. Other kids wanted to play “cowboys and Indians” — I wanted to play the...

Just Business

Into the Mirror, by Anna Zabo

There’s a perception that romance novels lead to unrealistic expectations about love, that they set readers up for failure because readers then expect everything will be happy and perfect in real life, that they’ll get their fairytale...

it's always been you

Queer Romance Matters by Jessica Scott

Queer Romance Matters I smile every time I see one of my friends post a photo of themselves with their partners. Gay or lesbian or straight, it makes me incredibly happy that we live in a time when love means love really means that my GLBT...


We Need Our Stories by Ginn Hale

When I heard the theme of this year’s Queer Romance Month, We Need Our Stories, I took a little time to think about what exactly that statement meant. Now I know it sounds like a pretty straightforward assertion. But to me there’s a...


LGBTQ+ Road Trip

 by Nyrae Dawn

We all need stories.  I grew up the half-black girl with a white family, in a small town that had one black family and me. My mom didn’t know what to do with my hair. I felt different than everyone else. I really, really wanted to see myself...


Better Late Than Never
 by L.B. Gregg

A couple weeks ago, in one of those Netflix binges that may or may not have involved fermented grape juice, I watched Grace and Frankie in its entirety. One night. Thirteen episodes. Popcorn. My mom mentioned I might like the series, and with a...


Romances on the Fringe by Kelly Haworth

So I’m new to the romance genre, both in reading it and writing it. My favorite thing about this genre is its unapologetic realness, particularly in the realm of inclusion.  There’s diversity in romance that I don’t think you...