Talking Awkwardly about Queer Romance

We are so, so excited that QRM begins officially tomorrow.

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to half the world: to KJ Charles, Julio Alexi Genao, Audra North and Vanessa North for organising this, to Kaetrin, Karen, Pam and Kat for helping us with the actual, y’know, work, to Catherine Dair for her wonderful QRM artwork, to Tracy Timmons-Gray at GRNW for the wonderful post she wrote for us, to all the bloggers listed in our sidebar for supporting us, to publishers (Blind Eye Books, Riptide Publishing, Dreamspinner Press, Torquere Press and Prizm Books) for offering prizes for our launch party rafflecopter which you’ll find tomorrow over at Joyfully Jay. To the wonderful authors who have contributed their time, their brains, their hearts and their typing fingers to making Queer Romance Month actually happen. And, finally, to everybody who is reading this, who is talking about it, who is talking to us, who is Tweeting, and Facebooking and spreading the word. To everybody who believes, as we do, that love is love. And that it’s a story worth telling.

We’d like to … offer up a small QRM aperitif in the form of a slightly different sort of media today: it’s us talking. With varying degrees of success.

So if you have a few minutes to spare, please do, um, enjoy us. And possibly laugh at us. Apologies for the variations in audio quality, it was partially my laptop and partially Vanessa’s dog, who clearly does not support queer romance. Bad dog.

Being consummate professionals, we also forget to say hello and goodbye and introduce ourselves. So, KJ Charles is the English one, Vanessa is the sweet one, Audra is the smooth-talkin’ one and Alexis Hall does not sound like the others.


Some Recs

In helpful summary:

Vanessa North recommended Rowan Speedwell’s Illumination, KJ Charles suggested The Salisbury Key by Harper Fox, Alexis Hall talked too much and too quickly and suggested the best way to get into queer romance is to start with a genre you actually like, and then at about 100mph suggested KJ Charles’ The Mapgie Lord for paranormal fans, Alex Beecroft for those who love historicals and beautiful writing, and SE Jakes for people who like their plots crazy, and their men sweaty. Audra North taunted us all with a book that isn’t out yet, alongside Suleikha Snyder’s Bollywood and the Beast.

Outtakes (featuring special guest star Vanessa’s Cthulhu dog)


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  • Not a member of WordPress but I follow a lot of blogs here :) including you! So, may I LIKE you informally?? :)
    Sorry, had a lovely time giggling at the interviews/speeches above. I do so hope the month goes well for you all!
    {{{Hugs}}} & <3

  • Firstly, I loved the out-takes especially to the Benny Hill music!!

    So weird to hear people’s actual voices, I’d only ever heard KJ Charles speak before, at UKMeet this year. Alexis you are weirdly the same as the voice in my head (not the one telling me to wear aluminium foil ). Prism Book Alliance will be supporting in any way we can. Hopefully beginning this Sunday. This is a wonderful project, and I’m sure a lot of people will get immense of pleasure, and thought provoking ideas, from it. Good Luck to all.

    • Thank you, and thanks to PBA for support – we’re very proud to have Prism in our sidebar and you on our contributer list :)

      We’ve been completely overwhelmed by the scope and diversity and sheer awesome of the posts – can’t wait to share them with the world.

      October is totally going to be the best month ever :)

  • Ooh, thanks so much for the rec, Alexis! This is going to be an awesome month, I can’t wait. And I was really not expecting the squishy dog noises :)

    I tried to like the page btw, but the pop up thingy did nothing, so if you’re getting no likes it may be because the ‘like’ box is broken.

    • Gosh, my pleasure – there was more to the rec than mumblemumblealexbeecroftmumblemumble but it was incoherent so I had to edit it out in favour of coherent words, but the sentiment remains :)

      That’s weird about the Like button – I experimentally self-liked (ooh-la-la) a few moments ago and it seemed to work fine.

      I shall prod it.

      Also thank you so much for supporting QRM. It’s going to be a wonderful month :)

  • Eeee, this is so great, what a treat to hear all of your voices! And no self-deprecating jokes anyone, I’m completely serious :-) Alexis, may I add, you were actually considerably less rocket-propelled than on the (notorious) Glitterland sample recording, so maybe only 75 mph, with occasional speed-bursts up to 90 😉

    Anyway, great job everyone! Also, thanks for the thanks; I’m really happy to have had an opportunity to contribute to QRM & have (after a slightly rocky start) actually enjoyed myself :-)

    Hurrah for QRM!

    • We’re so glad you enjoyed us rambling – and, yes, I was making a concious effort to be intelligible 😛 I think … we can call the experiment a moderate success 😉

      And thank you so much from all of us for your help with QRM – it made a massive difference these last couple of days, preserving what little remains of my sanity. So glad it was fun, and not just a traumatic, fast-paced introduction to WordPress 😉

  • Congrats to all the QRM organisers – it promises to be a wonderful month of events and posts. I’m very happy to play my small part in it.

    I’m also very impressed by the Zazzle store – I can see shopping in my future!

  • That was fun! More audio posts please. Oh, and videos would be lovely too. In addition to the entertaining method of delivery for this one, I am very much enjoying all the posts here & am looking forward to a whole month worth of great stuff. Looks like you organizers & all the helpers have done a great job on the inaugural event. Congrats!

  • I am so glad I didn’t listen to this at work as I’d originally intended because I burst out laughing so many times I’m sure someone would have asked why I was bent over giggling. This was wonderful, thank you so much for doing not only this but all the work that went into creating QRM (qwerm, thank you for that, Alexis).

    I have bought a shirt already and can see that I will be buying a number of books as well.

    I too hope that we get more audio posts!


  • I’m late on commenting here, but I have to say how much I enjoyed these interviews/talks. You all sound great and as someone new to queer romance I found all the things you share very interesting and useful.
    Alexis, you do speak a lot and far too quickly for me to catch up everything. I’m clearly out of practice with listening to native British speakers and will need to remedy it asap :)))

  • I’ve been reading the articles and posts and would like to say that they are all excellent and thought provoking. I have certainly benefited from reading them.

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