For Princess Chipmunk by Vicktor Alexander

When I first started writing, I don’t think I had a set purpose in mind. I just knew that there were characters and stories inside of me, inside my head that were asking to be written. As time went on, I noticed that my books and my characters seemed to all have a certain theme about them. I wrote about men who were broken, flawed, imperfect. I wrote about men that were real. Minorities, men with bodies that weren’t perfectly formed, men who came from troubled homes… I found myself drawn to the unicorns, the men who I saw myself in the LGBTQIA community. They aren’t all blond haired-blue eyed beauties with chiseled features, not all of them love to shop, not all of them even are comfortable with their sexuality, but all of them want to be accepted, loved, wanted. I wrote stories with transgender men because I could identify with them, being one myself, I wrote stories about men being betrayed by families and friends, having experienced that, and I wrote about loss and heartbreak, having known the devastation, and still I felt as if I were missing something about why I was writing my books.

Many people have heard or read me talking about my oldest daughter whom I affectionately call, Chipmunk. I had another daughter, Vivianna, who is not alive today and never got a chance to actually be born, but was a product of my relationship with my deceased partner, Christopher. Chipmunk is a lesbian and one of the greatest kids out there. She’s smart, loyal, fiercely independent and protective of her dad and family, and talented as hell. One of the greatest things I think I ever did was to encourage her to be who she was and to never be ashamed of her sexuality. Chipmunk is my pride and joy and she proudly tells people that her dad is a bestselling author of gay romance and “porn” (LOL).

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Chipmunk asked me a while ago to write a book “for” her. A lesbian romance. So I pulled up my big boy pants and I did. It was only after the book was published that I realized, finally, why I was writing. It’s not just because of the characters who demand that I tell their stories, though they are some persistent little bastards, it’s because of people, young people, teenagers, minorities, unicorns, like my daughter, Chipmunk, who don’t get to see themselves in the normal, mainstream, or even common romance or LGBTQIA romance books. Perhaps because there are too few authors out there willing to write about minorities, or because disabled characters are a downer, or because characters who aren’t thin and “gorgeous” aren’t sexy, or because white gay men are so much more popular to write about than lesbian women or even black/Hispanic gay men, but whatever the reason, I never wanted my daughter or any other kid I had or any other teenager or young adult or young person to feel as I did when I started reading this genre years ago, or how I felt as a kid: invisible.

Because yes, we all deserve a story. We all need a story. And when I tell people I’m an author, when I talk to people in the African-American community about me being an author of gay romance I am amazed by the number of people who want to know my author name so they can go and buy my books. Not only so they can support me, but because they like to know that they are being represented. It’s the same when I speak to members of the transgender community as well: “Isn’t that a genre just bout pretty little cis-gender white boys falling in love with each other?” It makes me happy to tell them no. It’s especially wonderful when I can point them towards the many different authors besides myself who write about members of these various communities: Tempeste O’Riley, Heidi Cullinan, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane, Andrew Grey, Stormy Glenn, Andrew Jericho, and Sharita Lira just to name a few.

And always there is the thought of my daughter in the back of my mind. I write for her. I write to change the world. To make it better for her and any siblings that I give her. I write so that she knows there is nothing wrong with her being who she is.

And I write because we all deserve a story.

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About Vicktor Alexander

viktorVicktor “Vic” Alexander wrote his first story at the age of ten and hasn’t stopped writing since. He loves reading about anything and everything and is a proud member of the little known U.N. group (Undercover Nerds) because while he lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps sports, he also breathes history and science fiction and grew up a Trekkie. But don’t ask him about Dungeons & Dragons, because he has no idea how to play that game.

When it comes to writing he loves everything from paranormal to contemporary to fantasy to historical to BDSM and everything in between, and is known not only for being the Epilogue King but also for writing stories that cross lines and boundaries that he doesn’t know are there.

Vic is a proud father of two daughters one of whom watches over him from Heaven with his deceased partner Christopher. Vic is a proud trans* and gay man, and when he is not writing, he is hanging out with his friends, or being distracted by videos of John Barrowman, Scott Hoying, and Shemar Moore. Vicktor has published numerous bestselling novels and has a WIP list that makes him exhausted just thinking about. He knows that he will be still be writing about hot men falling in love with each other, long after he is living in an assisted living facility, flirting with the hot, male nurses.

About Daddy’s Boy

daddy's boyMy name is Tyler Simpston. I was introduced to the darkness and sex at a very young age. Those are two things I know quite well. They are my constant companions. I’m used to the inky tar squeezing the life from my soul, the joy from my spirit, and the light from my life but I know that I have no one to blame but myself. It is all a result of my job as a paid… “companion.” And no, I don’t need to be “redeemed” from my profession. I like my job, love it actually. It’s my past I need to be saved from. My past and a man named KuJoe who is hell-bent on blackmailing me.

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